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Lydia is sitting on the bed with her hands cuffed behind her back when The Intruder arrives to clip a clothespin on her tongue. He cuts open her blouse to show you her see-through bra, takes off her shoes, pulls off her skirt, and cuts off her stockings, the remains of her blouse, and her panties. The Intruder continues cutting and when Lydia is naked (except for her garter belt) he clips clothespins on her tits and her torso, then her thighs. And when Lydia is clipped to The Intruder’s satisfaction he leaves her to continue struggling with drool running down the side of her cunt.

The Intruder clipping Lydia’s tongue

Lydia’s tongue clip in close-up

Putting clothespins on Lydia McLane’s tongue
Lydia McLane’s tongue clip

The Intruder groping Lydia’s tits

The Intruder clipping Lydia’s tits

Groping Lydia McLane’s naked tits
Putting clips on Lydia McLane’s nipples

Clips and drool

Clips on Lydia McLane’s tits and drool running down them
Clips on Lydia McLane’s tits and thighs


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